Why should I choose you to design my brand?

When I say all my products are handcrafted, I mean literally hand-crafted – from paper to screen to code. It’s not just a about making your brand “look pretty”, because in order for something to sell it has to be more than just “pretty”. My goal is to dig deep, to find out what makes your brand special, and present it in a way that your clients will say, wow, I need this!

Having a business is the best adventure that there is, because it leads to more adventures and more freedom down the road. I want you to have that, to experience that, which is why I’m not just strictly business. I might send you an email to see how your business is doing, or call you to get some coffee if I’m visiting your area – and I’m always willing to give some free marketing tips!

I mean it when I say that you’re not just another client – you’re an entrepreneur, a potential business partner, and a most of all, a friend. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing your ideas succeed!

What are my responsibilities in all of this?

This is so important! For websites, your responsability is to provide all of the content (images, text, product photos, videos, links, ect), as well as purchase the domain and hosting accounts (please see Who’s responsible for the domain and hosting?). For branding, you will need to fill out all of the forms and questionnaires, as well as provide any references before we get started.

I can’t stress enough the importance of providing all of these items in a timely manner. If you are delayed, it can push back other projects on the waitlist and may even incur a fee. Usually I will give you one week to gather these things, but if you are on the waitlist it may be a good time to start preparing them before we even start the process.

How do you accept payments?

All payments will be billed through a Paypal invoice. Almost all design package payments are due in two parts, a 50% non-refundable down payment at the beginning of the process to hold your spot in the line, and the rest once the final design has been approved and before I hand over the final files. For large or highly customized projects, I may break this into three payments. Other payment plans are available upon request!

Who's responsible for the domain and hosting?

You, the client, are responsible for acquiring the domain of choice and setting up your own hosting account. If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend Siteground because of their exceptional customer support and unlimited email, subdomains, and high data storage (starting at 10GB). I will ask for your FTP login in order to transfer your website; If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, just ask the support team – Siteground is awesome with this. Post installation support is limited to updates and bugs, any alterations or customizations will be billed separately.

Is printing included in the brand packages?

No, I will provided the correctly formatted files for print and recommend a certain style (material, weight, finish, ect) however you, the client, are responsible for choosing a printer and making it happen. I recommend MOO due to their high quality and wide range of service, but we can talk other printers if necessary.

What kinds of businesses do you work with?

I’ve worked on projects with a large variety of graphic styles, however I created Wild Side specifically to tailor to creative small businesses; if you’re an adventurous entrepreneur that’s looking to get a creative makeover, you’ve come to the right place! I work with brands of all shapes and sizes, from all over the world, and my true passion lies in helping people turn their dream business a reality.

I also do event branding, which includes everything from the custom logo design & color palette to the invitations & thank you’s and even website design. Most often I do this for weddings, but I’ve also done some fundraisers and social initiatives (think, #raiseawareness kind of campaigns).

I also work with a variety of other services that may or may not be listed on my site, such as UI and app design & development, social media strategy, and more. Get in touch for a custom quote for these kinds of services.

What's your average project timeframe?

Usually, between 4-8 weeks. It may take longer if it’s a custom project or the website has special functionalities. Since I design and develop the websites myself, advanced coded items make a big impact on the project’s deadline. For a better idea of the step by step timeframe, check out my process.

What if I'm not happy with the final result?

Before we start working together, we will have a design consultation to make sure the partnership is a good fit, and that the idea you have in mind matches my design style. After we’ve started, I offer nearly unlimited revisions (up to ten per phase) to do everything I can to prevent this. In rare cases, if you’re still not satisfied, you can choose not to pay the second half of the project–the first half being a non-refundable deposit–though I will be very sad to see you go!

Who develops the websites?

I do, with the occasional help of my team of professionals! I prefer to to my own development, and I create my designs to be optimized with the responsive web platform that I use so that there are no discrepancies between paper and screen. This makes the time frame a little longer than if I were to hire a dedicated developer, but I like to mean it when I say that my websites are handcrafted – from design to coding!

I want to work with you - when can I start?

Start by filling out the form on my contact page. I will get back to you within 2-3 business days about setting up a skype call. If my schedule is booked up, there may be a waiting period before we can actually start designing. Once you’ve paid the deposit, I will send you some brand development worksheets and questionnaires to fill out in the meantime, so you will be all ready to go when your moment arrives!

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