I like to think of the branding process as an exploration; you are a settler looking to claim your brand’s place in the business world.

My job is to make the journey as well-planned and enjoyable as possible, as well as help you arrive at your planned destination and set up everything you need to start building your brand’s tribe.

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The first step for any journey is to to evaluate your your current situation, and in which direction you want to go on your travels. This happens after you send in your contact form, and if necessary, we schedule a skype call to discuss your ideas and expectations for the project. This is also when you get to play 20 questions with me if you still have any doubts.

If it’s love at first sight, we get to happily proceed to the next step. But if you’re not quite ready for this adventure, as some people aren’t, you may prefer to wait a little longer.


You can’t go anywhere if you’re not well equipped to handle the challenges ahead! At this point I will send you a detailed quote of your project as well as a contract of service. If you are ok with the terms, you just need to sign it, scan it and send it over (keeping a copy for yourself). I will then request that you pay the 50% deposit.

I will also send some questionnaires for you to fill about about your brand and/or website and an outline of your responsibilities for the project. This will leave you completely prepared for any questions or problems along the way!


As an explorer you need to know which route to take and how much time will be spent between each checkpoint on the journey so that you can plan accordingly. At this step I will draft up a complete timeline and schedule for the project ahead, as well as provide you will a calendar of deadlines for your supplies, such as questionnaires, feedback, website content, and domain/hosting information.

This is the last preparation step before we set sail!


You’ve cast off on your branding journey, so now it’s time to explore! This is the most exciting phase, where we explore a variety of design concepts that meet your brand’s core values and tell its unique story using beautiful visuals. I will put together a mood board and color palette following the information in your questionnaires, and once approved will begin designing four logo concepts. You’ll then choose the direction you want to take and we’ll work through any revisions that you have.

Once you decide on a final logo, I will develop the rest of the visual identity elements to match. The end is near, you’re almost arriving at your destination!


Hooray, you’ve made it! Now it’s time to put up your flag and claim your land. At this point I will start preparing the final files, and if you’re doing a print package, designing the print elements or other extras (business card, stationary, facebook page, ect) so you can show off your new brand to the world.

Once everything has been approved, I will request the second half of the payment and create a sharing link on Dropbox for all of the files. After the payment has gone through, the files are yours! If you’re doing a website design as well, continue to the next step, but if not, this is goodbye!


The next step on your journey is to plan out the colony you will construct under your flag. You have an established visual style, but now you need a place where your followers can go to learn more about you and your brand. We will probably schedule another skype call at this point to talk about your expectations and needs for the site.

Once I have received your finalized web content and your answers to the web questionnaires, I will create a layout of the home page and one interior page of your site for you to review. If you have any revisions, we will take care of them now before moving to the construction phase.


Your plans are approved, now it’s time to build. At this point I will begin coding the website on a test domain and will create the rest of the interior page designs to match the approved layout style. You will be able to monitor this process, since I will provide you with the link.

Any revisions on the content should be made during this phase, as well as any bugs you might notice that I may have missed. Once everything is good to go, you’re ready to start inviting people in!


Time to open the doors and start building your brand’s tribe. I will request the final payment, and upon completion transfer the website to your domain and hosting (putting up a Coming Soon page during the process). At this point I will give you a short tutorial and website guide about how to update and edit the contents on your own. Once you give me the green light, I will open the website to the public.

If you want help building your tribe, you may want to look into working with me on paid marketing campaigns. For more about this, click here. Otherwise, this is goodbye. You are officially ready to govern your tribe on your own!


Congrats –  you just branded! You’re free to care for and grow your newly formed brand until it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Now that you know how my process works, there are a few things you can do:

1. Check out some of the awesome brands I’ve had the pleasure to design in my portfolio.

2. Take a peek at my design packages and services to see which one best fits your needs.

3. Learn about me so when we start working together we’ll be best friends.

4. Get started on your project! Get in touch with me over on my contact page.


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