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Transform your passion
into a stand-out business.

You know where you want to go. You have the vision.
We know how to get there, and have all the right tools.
Strategy to branding to website; let's map it out together.


<p>A Lifestyle Boutique</p>


<p>Luxury Travel Consulting</p>


<p>Floral Arrangement &amp; Styling</p>


<p>Holistic Childbirth Course</p>


<p>Natural Beauty</p>


<p>Fitness &amp; Nutrition</p>


<p>Natural Cosmetics</p>


<p>A Twist on Family Travel</p>


<p>Health &amp; Wellness Community</p>


<p>Contemporary Furniture Manufacturer</p>


<p>Sweet Luxury Jewelry</p>


<p>Specialty Coffee Café</p>

Hey there – yeah you.
I’ve got everything you need
to bring your brand to life.

Here’s how we can help…

Brand Personality & Positioning

Make sure you’re talking the right way to the right people. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Website Design & Development

Our websites are more about results than just good looks. We create sites optimized to sell.

Social Strategy & Marketing

The best marketing is still mouth-to-mouth, but the game has changed. Can you keep up?

Branding & Visual Identity Design

First impressions are made in seconds. What do you want yours to be? I bring the wow factor.

Ecommerce Setup & Management

Whether you’re looking to revamp your shop or just starting to sell online, we scale to your needs.

Conversion & Sales Boosting

Sites are meant to be more than expensive digital paintings. We turn that cost into income.

Print Collateral & Packaging Design

We have solutions for all your printing needs, from concept to design to finding a supplier.

SEO & Mobile Friendliness

A website adapted to all devices and search engines is no longer a commodity – it’s fundamental.

Lead Capture & Follow-Up

Drop by drop the cup fills up. We make sure there are no leaks in your sales system.

But wait – there’s more!


wild side design co director of art

Meet Kelsey

Founder, Brand Designer & Strategist

Welcome to Wild Side, my location-independent design studio for adventurous entrepreneurs!

My goal is to help people follow their dreams and live their own adventures by creating businesses & lifestyles that they love.

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Join our community of adventurous entrepreneurs and get access to exclusive to content like: how to be location independent, run a successful online business, create a memorable brand, and more! PLUS freebies, giveaways, and discounts (for all my free-and-cheap-stuff-lovers out there - you know who you are)

wild side design talk to us

Our customers love the experience

Take their word for it…

Bridie Carroll

Gracefully Nourished

“Kelsey was SO helpful, understanding & empowering throughout the whole process. I always felt comfortable with you, even when I felt uncomfortable on my end!

The best part of the process was the collaboration! I really appreciated being able to come with ideas or mental blocks and struggles and being able to talk and work through them…on top of seeing many ideas come to life!

Kelsey was destined to do this! Her timeline and structure are fair and produce amazing results and her design and communications are fantastic! I feel so blessed and lucky that I found you!”

Jasmine Roth

Built Custom Homes

“Working with WSD has been a breath of fresh air. Kelsey is extremely creative, is an expert at branding, and she GETS IT.

As a busy entrepreneur, she helped me completely rebrand my company, she designed all of my correspondence, and she has completely rebuilt my website.

I have now turned all of my graphic design projects over to her. She is really great at taking my vague ideas and turning them into reality.”

Daniel Abrahami

Diamonds & Desserts

“The easiest and most professional experience I’ve had. We worked with 3 other designers before Kelsey and her team, and this was by far the best. On time with everything, gives great input, and delivers results. The process as a whole I was most satisfied with.”

“Kelsey was amazing to work with! Everything was beautiful and delivered on time according to the calendar she provided. And she took feedback with grace and listened to everything I had asked for.

It was such an easy and seamless process. She gave me everything I needed when I needed it and was very flexible with my schedule.

I was most satisfied with the outcome! My new branding is just what I was looking for!”

“The process was clear and fluid. Everything was easy to understand. I never felt like I didn’t know what to expect or what I was expected to do. It went exactly how I envisioned. And the final outcome was perfect!”

We have clients in
(…and counting)




wild side design diamonds and dessert project
wild side design ecommerce


Diamonds & Desserts

A sweet, feminine design with a focus on pastels and dessert-reminiscent patterns for a new eCommerce-based jewelry brand.

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