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Wild Side Design Co. is a location-independent design studio for adventurous entrepreneurs.

We work with people & brands around the world to turn dream projects into thriving businesses.



Founder, Brand Designer & Strategist

Hi, I’m Kelsey, a self-made entrepreneur and digital nomad. I grew up in the Christmas capital and Greatest Small Town in America. Now I’m soaking up life (and sunshine) in Brazil.

I originally became an entrepreneur because of the freedom; I had always dreamed of living around the world (a true Sagittarius, I was born to adventure), so one day I packed my bag (literally) and embarked on my solo design career, moving to Brazil to reinvent myself and start my own business.

Now I share what I’ve learned about that life-changing decision, starting a business, building a brand and living & working remotely. My goal is to help people follow their dreams and live their own adventures by creating businesses & lifestyles that they love.

I love all things adventure & travel, Stevie Nicks, and mojitos – and I’d love to chat about your project!


You know, in addition to açaí and the occasional afternoon nap


I don’t just mean creativity in terms of brand design – although that’s an important and necessary baseline. We innovate in every aspect of the process.

We’ll explore questions like How will people interact with your website in a memorable way? What will your brand message inspire in your potential clients? and What unique method(s) will you use to reach them? I think outside the box for you, so you can focus on what matters most: running your business!


There’s an important difference between what you like and what your client will identify with, which is why I conduct extensive market research, brand positioning and creative brainstorm to craft brands that appeal to your ideal clients.

We then carry that unique identity over into every aspect of your brand – copywriting, image style, website, social media, marketing, and more. It’s all about consistency when building your tribe.


All this strategy, design and planning is useless if you don’t put it to work! Starting a business is a learning experience full of trial and error, but the important thing is to continually evolve and improve.

It’s tough work to keep your brand consistent, create new content, maintain your social presence, nurture leads, plan for expansion, and more in addition to just running your business. But for all of this, I’ve got you covered!



Kelsey was SO helpful, understanding & empowering throughout the whole process. I always felt comfortable with you, even when I felt uncomfortable on my end!

The best part of the process was the collaboration! I really appreciated being able to come with ideas or mental blocks and struggles and being able to talk and work through them…on top of seeing many ideas come to life!

Kelsey was destined to do this! Her timeline and structure are fair and produce amazing results and her design and communications are fantastic! I feel so blessed and lucky that I found you!

Bridie Carroll

Gracefully Nourished

The easiest and most professional experience I’ve had. We worked with 3 other designers before Kelsey and her team, and this was by far the best. On time with everything, gives great input, and delivers results. The process as a whole I was most satisfied with.

Kelsey and her team are very organized. Each step has a purpose and it allows them to deliver a great result.

They were hands on and available 24/7 to answer and questions or go over any changes we needed.

Daniel Abrahami

Diamonds & Desserts

The process was clear and fluid. Everything was easy to understand. I never felt like I didn't know what to expect or what I was expected to do. It went exactly how I envisioned. And the final outcome was perfect!

I liked the calendar. It held us both accountable to get things done on time, and their was no guessing as to what was suppose to happen next.

I just couldn't believe how perfect the logo came out. It was a better, more professional and beautiful version of what I had tried to create on my own. It really represents me and my style accurately.

Ali Peterson

Ali Peterson Photography

Kelsey was amazing to work with! Everything was beautiful and delivered on time according to the calendar she provided. And she took feedback with grace and listened to everything I had asked for.

It was such an easy and seamless process. Kelsey gave me everything I needed when I needed it and was very flexible with my schedule.

I was most satisfied with the outcome! My new branding is just what I was looking for!

Emily Teater

Family First Photography

Overall, awesome! We had a great experience working with Wild Side to create a new branding image, logo, business cards, and company website. She was extremely creative, understanding, & prompt on deliverables.

We enjoyed the logo and branding concept stage best. Being that we’re designers & have our own creative input on our image, it was fun to see the fresh take on our new logo and see that develop from rough concepts, colors & ideas to the final package.

We’re very likely to refer to friends & colleagues. We’d rate Wild Side Design at a 10 & we’ve already referred a few people. Thanks for being prompt, creative & eager to work with us!

Audra Siao & Stephanie Higgins

Design Theory Studio

Working with WSD has been a breath of fresh air. Kelsey is extremely creative, is an expert at branding, and she GETS IT.

As a busy entrepreneur, she helped me completely rebrand my company, she designed all of my correspondence, and she has completely rebuilt my website.

I have now turned all of my graphic design projects over to her. She is really great at taking my vague ideas and turning them into reality.

Jasmine Roth

Built Custom Homes


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A step-by-step guide to your brand adventure.
Want to skip to the bottom? It’s ok, I won’t hold it against you.


The first step for any journey is to to evaluate your your current situation, and in which direction you want to go on your travels. This happens after you send in your contact form, and I schedule a free consultation to discuss your ideas and expectations for the project. This is also when you get to play 20 questions with me if you still have any doubts.

Tell me about yourself, your story, your vision and your goals, and I’ll help you find the best way to get there. If it’s love at first sight, we get to happily proceed to the next step.


Nobody likes unwanted surprises right before a new adventure! At this point I’ll send you a detailed quote of your project as well as a contract of service. If you’re ok with the terms, you just need to sign it, scan it and send it over (keeping a copy for yourself). I’ll then request that you pay the 50% deposit – so we’re all insured for our trip together.

I’ll also send some questionnaires for you to fill about about your brand and/or website and a calendar of the responsibilities and deadlines for the project. This will speed up the journey and keep us both on track.


You’ve cast off on your branding journey, so now it’s time to explore! This is the most exciting phase, where we explore a variety of design concepts that meet your brand’s core values and tell its unique story using beautiful visuals. I’ll put together a mood board and color palette following the information I’ve gathered, and set sail into the logo design concepts. You’ll then choose the direction you want to take and we’ll work through any revisions that you have.

Once you decide on a final logo design, I’ll develop the rest of the visual identity elements to match. If you need print, packaging, or social collateral, I’ll explore that now as well.


The next step on your journey is to plan out the colony you’ll construct under your flag. You have a memorable brand design, but now you need a place where your future customers can easily find you and get hooked on your offerings. We’ll probably schedule another conference call at this point to talk about your expectations and needs for your online presence, whether it’s a website, ecommerce, blog or social page.

Once I’ve received your finalized web content and your answers to the web questionnaires, I’ll create the layout for the look and feel of your website. After final approval, I send it to development and watch it go live.


Action without strategy is the path to defeat. Don’t just set up your beautiful new brand and hope for people to magically show up – I’ve seen way to many good ideas die from lack of exposure.

We have all the tools, but now we get to know every single thing there is to know about your journey: the terrain, the competition, the people, the prices, and so on. If you know who you are and who you serve, it’s just a matter of time to let them know you’re in business – whether it’s through social media, paid ad campaigns, digital influencers, mailing lists, SEO or whatever it takes to build you a strong tribe, brick by brick.


The internet can be a very harsh environment, and in order for your business to thrive it requires constant care. This is the time to pay attention to what is and isn’t working, and adjust accordingly. Keep your brand consistent, produce quality content and stay engaged with your tribe.

Remember, we’re a drop of water in a ocean of information. The internet is limitless and is forever changing. You need someone that can keep up the pace – and trust me, we walk pretty damn fast.

With this in mind, we always have to keep our camp up to date to constantly attract new settlers and leave the competition with jaws on the floor – invincibility lies in defense.

Phew, you made it! Where to next?

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Have more questions? Just ask.

How long will the process take from start to finish?

For branding projects, between 4-6 weeks. For websites and ecommerce, 4-6 weeks. For brand and web, 10-12 weeks.

It may take longer if it’s a custom project or the website has special functionalities. Since we design and develop the websites ourselves, advanced coded items make a big impact on the project’s deadline. For a better idea of the specific timeframes of each project type, check out our packages.

What are my responsibilities throughout the process?

This is so important! For websites, your responsibility is to provide all of the content (images, text, product photos, videos, links, ect), as well as purchase the domain and hosting accounts (please see Who’s responsible for the domain and hosting?). For branding, you’ll need to fill out all of the forms and questionnaires, as well as provide any references before we get started.

I can’t stress enough the importance of providing all of these items in a timely manner. If you’re delayed, it can push back other projects on the waitlist and may even incur a fee. Usually I’ll give you one week to gather these things, but if you’re on the waitlist it may be a good time to start preparing them before we even start the process.

Do you help with naming, brand voice and copywriting?

As a matter of fact, we do! My team will work with you to develop a unique brand voice that is consistent across all platforms and mediums, one that speaks to your target audience and represents your brand values.

Feeling stuck on your website copy? I also work with strategic, sales-oriented copywriting for websites, landing pages, marketing campaigns and more. For more information please get in touch.

Who's responsible for the domain and hosting?

You, the client, are responsible for acquiring the domain of choice and setting up your own hosting account. If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend Siteground because of their exceptional customer support and unlimited email, subdomains, and high data storage (starting at 10GB).

I’ll ask for your FTP login in order to transfer your website; if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, just ask the support team – Siteground is awesome with this. Post installation support is limited to updates and bugs, any alterations or customizations will be billed separately.

Do you offer monthly website maintenance plans?

Yes, we do! Although the ultimate goal of all our websites is an easy-to-use platform that you can edit yourself – so you aren’t held hostage by monthly fees or reliant on your developer every time you want to make a change – I understand that sometimes your time is better spent elsewhere. Like, for example, running your business!

Please get in touch for a custom evaluation of your maintenance needs.

What is the payment plan like and how do I pay?

All payments will be billed through Paypal invoicing. Almost all design package payments are due in two parts, a 50% non-refundable deposit payment at the beginning of the process to hold your spot in our schedule, and the rest once the final design has been approved and before I deliver any final files.

For large or highly customized projects, I may break this into three payments. Other payment plans are available upon request!

Are font files and licenses included in the final files?

No. We will make suggestions for the typography and font hierarchy of your new brand in order to maintain a cohesive look across all platforms. You are responsible for purchasing the correct font licenses for any artwork or usage outside of the final files we provide to you.

If you prefer that we use only fonts that are free for commercial use, please let us know ahead of time. But know that free fonts are never exact substitutes for paid fonts, and it’s worth considering a small one-time investment in high-quality fonts that support other designers.

Most of the paid fonts we suggest range from $10-$30 each and can be purchased from MyFonts or Creative Market.

Is printing included in the print design packages?

No, I’ll provide the correctly formatted files for print and recommend a certain style (material, weight, finish, etc) however you, the client, are responsible for choosing a printer and making it happen. I recommend MOO or Rock Design due to their high quality and wide range of service, but we can talk other printers if necessary.

What platform are your websites built on?

Due to the open-source and widespread nature, I use WordPress as our primary content management system. For a variety of reasons including usability, search engine friendliness, infinite customization, and more, I believe it offers the best solution for the everyday business owner.

I also use the Divi pagebuilder platform, which allows me to offer a visual page editing experience for the end user. So what the heck does that mean? Check out this video:

For ecommerce, I specialize in Woocommerce as it integrates seamlessly with WordPress. And yes, I’ve had more than a couple clients switch over from Shopify and other ecommerce platforms once they saw the benefits. Want to know more? Let’s chat.

What if I'm not satisfied with the final result?

Before we start working together, we will have a design consultation to make sure the partnership is a good fit, and that the idea you have in mind matches my design style. After we’ve started, we offer up to 2 rounds of revisions per item included in the project cost – additional revisions are billed at our hourly rate of $65/hour.

In rare cases, if you’re still not satisfied, you can choose to cancel the contract and settle up the work that has already been completed. However you will not need to pay for work that has not yet been done, and you will still receive all the final files we created together!

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